Friday, 15 June 2012

Winter Sports day with Sun Valley

The first match on the big field was the U10  match Kommetjie vs. Sun Valley. The match started nicely until Sun Valley did a counter attack and scored a goal. Kommetjie had a chance to redeem themselves in the dying minutes of the second half when they were awarded a penalty but it was not to be. Final score 1:0 to Sun Valley. by Nigel

Under 12 Soccer match.

It was the day we were all waiting for…sports day! The under 12 soccer team was waiting to play an epic match   against Sun Valley. We all had high expectations and were determent to win. But we had to contain our excitement until the under 10 and 11s had finished their match. We watched both matches until at last it was our time to shine. We all went onto the field with great enthusiasm. The two captains did the toss and Justin won. Kick off was on Sun Valley and the whistle blew. The match was on. Sun Valley had the ball first and missed a few opportunities. Shadley had a run forward and got to the box, he struck and what a goal!!! The whole of the team praised him like he was a god. After that we were on them like a swarm of bees. Then another goal came and another. It was soon half time. We were all confident. We got onto the field thinking this was going to be a white wash. But it was not to be.

The left winger put a lot of pressure on our defence. Then soon a goal came for them. And another. Soon it was down to the bitter end with the score at 3-2 to Kommetjie. “20 seconds”, the ref shouted. That really put the pressure on our defence. Sun Valley had been camping in our half for the last 10 minutes. How could it happen!!!! Sun valley scored.  The last play of the and they scored. The match had to go down as a draw.

Well done to both teams for probably the most intense match there has ever been at a sports day.
 By Justin

GLORY GLORY UNDER 13s we shouted as we ran off the pitch with happy faces  off  the pitch.

Our team was very focused. We played like a team and encouraged our players like all people are
supposed to do.

The first half we had covered but every time we were in the lead we fell asleep . Our main player Jordan played a fantastic role by scoring 4 goals and Cole scoring 1. WOW . We finished the first half with a good attitude and listened to what exactly what was being said.

The second half was a breeze with defence all the way because most of our strikers were so tired we had
to defend our goal. If I gave a man of the match it would defiantly go to Finn our goalkeeper who played an extremely important role with some outstanding saves.

Wow again I’m really proud and sure hope that our team can look back at that match and say “Glory Glory under 13s!” by George

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