Friday, 16 March 2012

Interhouse Field Events

It was a good start for both the Orange and Green teams today. The U12   boys for shot-put did well,with Shagon Charles 1st, Zane Richter 2nd  and Quin van Heerden 3rd. U13 High Jump Roland Wozniak took 1st place, Tyrone Parris 2nd then Joshua Coelan 3rd . High jump for U12 girls Tye Kettle 1st, Megan Constant 2nd,  Sarah Van Zyle 3rd place. U 12 Boys High jump was  a whopping big challange.  Uzair Slarmie knocked over the pole twice in the 2nd round but made it over with his last jump. Zane and Justin Schoon both made it over. Shadley September, Ben Ringwood and Mickylo Williams each used a scissor kick to get themselves over the pole. 

On Saturday, 17th March, the track events for the Interhouse Sports Day will be taking place. The excitement is at fever pitch

By Shadley September

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